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This Article
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by Ken Stock

If there is one thing Jack Gott has, it is his dedication to his customers, and the flower he loves.
I'm sure if he'd only had the time, he'd have been a major player in the World of dahlias.
It isn't easy to bring up a family, have a full time job, and have an absorbing hobby, that has made his name a household word.
Not when your family are your life, but Jack has always tried to balance the two. One thing this bloke doesn't mind is hard work, his day job is that of an electrician in a paper mill, but his heart is with these flowers that originated in Central America.
He has always longed for the chance to own his own nursery, and who's to say that perhaps one day he will. If there's a God in heaven it could all come true for this man of Cumbria.

Holker Hall Garden Festival

This is a stand Jack put together in 2003, it shows some of his delightful Pathfinder varieties which even out of flower they are a colourful asset to any garden. I can't be sure, but I think the tall central dahlia at the back is a variety Jack bred called North Star. Holker Hall Garden Festival is a function that Jack shows at regularly.

 Holker Hall Garden Festival  

One year later and Jack's stand has increased in size, when you think this is all done in his leisure time, the boy don't do bad, all with the help of his wife of course.
If you're luckily enough to have a wife that is content for you to enjoying your hobby, you are indeed a lucky dahlia man.

Dalemain House Nr Penrith Cumbria.

Now looking at this tranquil scene it could be any time of the year, and if it wasn't for the Rhododendrons giving the game away on the right of the picture you'd swear it was later than it was.
The dahlias are coming into their own, and all is well on this beautiful day on the 24th of June 2005.
Dalemain House has been the country house of the Hasell family since 1679, and is open to the public from March 20th until October 30th between 10:30am - 5:00pm most years.
The estate is on the Northern fringes of the Lake District near Ullswater. There's a name that takes me back, when I was in my thirties I used to show pansies, amongst other things, and one that constantly won prizes was called Ullswater Blue, never knew it was up there.

Lakeland Rose Show 2005

This time we are in doors, or should I say under canvas, I bet the Gott's enjoyed themselves here.
Can you see some of the Petite, and dark leaved varieties in the front of the stand.
Mind you these are not the only dahlias Jack concentrates on, he has a list of most well know cultivars.
I had to laugh when he told me they have a  motto "If GOTT'S haven't got it, they'll get it"

Lakeland Rose Show 2005
I `spect  ol' Jack's gone to make a cup of tea.

Hold up here's the governor, one false move and we've had it, the give away is the finger, if it starts tapping, make for the exit, only kidding Josie. The Lakeland Rose Show is a highlight of Jack's year, the number of people who enquire after his dark leave dahlias is amazing.
I for one can't wait to see them growing in individual blocks in the Dahlia Trials at Wisley.