Dahlias supplies cuttings and tubers, decorative dahlias, cactus dahlias, ball dahlias, pompon dahlias, dark leaf dahlias, and collerettes.


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Some Dahlia Web Sites Of Interest
Take a look at this article
 http://www.lancashirelife.co.uk/homes-gardens/gardens/a-spectacular-display-of-dahlias-in-milnthorpe-1-5207179   >

A New Web Site From UK
< www.anglo-dutch-dahlias.co.uk >
All about Dahlias Around the World

The New Web Site For
North West Dahlias UK
That is more up to date
 <  http://northwestdahliasociety.weebly.com/  >
 This site has information on all things to do with 
and its members well worth a look at.

www.winkiedahlias.com  >
Check this out I think you will enjoy
John Menzel has a new website
That is full of info from down under

www.dahlien-sammlung.de/index.html  > 
This is a new web site from Germany
It is the site of Holger Jansen
He is a collector of collerette type dahlias
But has more type

 <  www.east-of-eden-nursery.co.uk   >
East Of Eden nursery
A small nursery in the Eden Valley near Carlisle.
With a large selection of Geums.
Possibly the largest selection in the country,
With lots of exciting new introductions bred and raised on the nursery
All from a hardy and reliable strain.
48 new introductions so far and more new ones to come in 2013.

www.conistonholidays.co.uk  >
If you are looking for a holiday in the
English Lake District
This is the site for you
For short or long brake
Try this family run business

<   www.nzdahliasociety.50megs.com   >
This is the website from New Zeeland
It is a good web site with lots of info
An some Pictures of some of their varieties

< http://www.scottishncds.org/ >
This is the Scottish DAHLIA site.
This is NEW SITE
We hope you enjoy all the info

www.rhs.org.uk  >
This is the 
Royal Horticultural Soc.

The International Dahlia Register (1969)
https://www.rhs.org.uk/Search?query=Dahlia%20Supplement  >
  R H S Dahlia plant register

You Can Go To This Web Sites Above
And Get Numbers 13 to 22 Supplements
For Free



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