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Pompon and Large Poms
With Collerette Dahlias

New Article on Sporting of a Dahlia

Sporting of a dahlia

My way is that the Chromosomes  of the plant alter, to me its like atoms, say more atoms change from one to another in the plant and start to mix, and the colours start to change.

It is a bit scientific to explain, 
If it is a good sport that you think is worth keeping, you have to look down the stem of the one that has sported and try and take some cuttings from the leaf joint, and root them.

It will take all winter to get them to root and make a small tuber, if you can do that you then have to plant the new tuber out in to your garden and hope that you have been able to keep the colour change.

I have had about 5 sports in about 40 years that we have saved, if you look at Pat & Perc below it is orange but next to it, it has sported pink, I could see that it was possible for that dahlia to sport as the inner petal tips have got pink tinges, I took about 6 cuttings from this last year 2011 and rooted all this last winter, this year 2012 we planted all 6 cuttings out and 4 cuttings made it and are now pink the other 2 have reverted back to orange, so now we have a new dahlia that we will be selling in 2014 as we have to build some more stock up of it.

 Biology Chromosomes

A thread-like structure of nucleic acids and protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes.

Each chromosome consists of a DNA double helix bearing a linear sequence of genes, coiled and recoiled around aggregated proteins (histones).
Their number varies from species to species: humans have 22 pairs plus the two sex chromosomes (two X chromosomes in females, one X and one Y in males).

 During cell division each DNA strand is duplicated, and the chromosomes condense to become visible as distinct pairs of chromatids joined at the centromere

All open centre type dahlias
Are good for the bee population

This Is A Display
Pompon and Collerette

New 2012
Raised by JRG Dahlias

Sunshine Girl
White with a flush of yellow
One that will do well on the show bench


New 2012

Nice white collerette
Raised in UK by S Clensy


One that stands out in the garden


Look out for this dahlia 2013

Sport from Pat&Perc
Pink complete change of colour
It sported with us 2011


Ann Breckenfelder
Red and white
Height 3ft 6inch


Fontmel Kaz
Lilac and white
Height 3ft
Raised  by Ken Stock


Pat and Perc
Orange and yellow
Raised by Ken Stock
Height 4ft


Pat Knight
Deep red and white
Height 3ft


Large Pom
Franz Kafka
Pink height 3ft 6inch


This is a display of
Pompon and collerette


Teesbrooke Audrey
Pink And White
Height 3ft


Christmas Carol
 Red White tip around collar
Height 3ft
This has long stems ideal for basket work


Red Yellow
Height 3ft


Velvet Red And White
Height 4ft


Claire de Lune
Height 3ft
This is a nice Collerette


Inglebrook Jill
Dark Red
Height 4ft


Minley Carol
Height 4ft
A lovely bright pom


Willo's Violet
Purple and White Blends
Height 4ft
This is a old one still going strong


Lakeland Polly
Purple and white





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