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This Is The Dahlia Garden
By Ken Stock

I can almost hear the bees at work, Mrs. Josie Gott and Jack's whole family are very lucky lot. The photographs has an air of a country estate, I shouldn't think anybody would dare to shout out, or rev their car engine anywhere near this heavenly place.

Look how the dark leaf mix in well with the greens. Photo on the right is Evita his top selling dahlia 2005

I practically certain the little group of Art Nouveau hugging the left of the secomd picture are what I sent him this spring. Directly behind them is another variety from the Gallery range called Art Decor. Top left on it's own that unusual red and white variety called Asahi Choji, I think Jack said it come over from Japan. There's a similar variety on the NDS site called Twyning's Candy, you can see it if you go into Wisley trials. Time you cut the lawn Jack it's looking tatty. Did I get some stick for those last few words, it appears Josie cuts the grass. Whoops, me and my big mouth. Only kidding Josie.

It is really surprising how all these various colours blend to make a wonderful pictures, who ever heard of red with soft pink, going into corn yellow, there's even a self sown pansy to add to the scene.

I'm glad I've done this for ol' Jack, there's a lot of constant work here, you'll have to watch your hips when you reach my age. What I love is the easy way that each group fits in, nothing clashes, everything either harmonises or contrasts with it's neighbour, as most things in nature do.

This is the group Jack's trying to produce now with scent
Star Type
A New Seedling 2005


Well this is the last part of the little article I've done about Jack Gott's front garden, he's come along way since he dug up the first few seedlings out of the crevices between the front wall, and the path. It is incredible how this native from old Mexico can produce seed, and it can survive the Winters of Cumbria, we're not talking Bournemouth now, this is where even the sheep put on their fir coats as soon as October's over.  The last photograph is a shot of Jack's seedlings in this years National at Harrogate, you can just see the first prize card on the right of the container, and the tally of points card to the left. These points aren't given by any National Points Judge either, this class is judged by the general public, and Jack got the vote hands down.

Winner of bowl class Harrogate 2005
This class is judged by the public
Jack's dark leaf seedlings
You can see the score (results on the left)

Now before you leave this special place, come and take a look with me at the power house at the rear of his delightful front garden.


The photograph was handed to Jack from a chap a couple of doors away. He was doing some repairs to his property when he spotted the scene below, and he couldn't afford to miss the opportunity to snap up this early morning splendour. A couple of days went by when he knew he couldn't keep it to himself, so he gave to Jack, who passed it on to me. Now I'm making sure the World can see where this dedicated grower, breeder, and showman creates his new varieties to satisfy  passer-bys, and customers alike.


It's a good view of the full plot with the plastic tunnels, and the 25ft greenhouse to the left, and all the transporting trays in front of it . You can just about see ol' Jack in amongst his pompons. He hopes to put up another tunnel at the end of the short one next year, with a plastic top, and a fine net around the sides, just to grow dahlias to take seed from. How he put it was "To save seed your way" meaning hand pollinated, good on you Jack.  If anyone deserves a break in life you do, but of course life isn't like that is it? But one day Jack perhaps your dreams will come true, and you'll get that nursery you long for. Let's see what 2006 brings.

See you at the trials.
Ken Stock 

 Thanks Ken
You have done a wonderful job

















































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