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     I have read your website on dahlias with interest.
We are South Africans new to gardening in the UK.
If I have left dahlia tubers outside in the soil for the duration of the winter (having cut off the leaves once the plants stopped flowering) is there any point
in replanting them again now, in the spring?  Will they flower?  Or
shall I start over and lift and store the tubers next time winter comes around?

Sorry for all the questions, despite your most helpful website.
Mrs E Browne
South West London

Dear Mrs Browne
                       Welcome to the UK, as the climate is different in
different parts of the world it is not right for me to put this on the web
site as it would confuse people.
So this is my recommendation to you, Living in the UK it is best to dig your tubers up in the autumn as soon as the frost has blackened the leaves and store them in a frost proof place until the spring
(if you are only growing a small amount of dahlias you could ethers put them back into a pot, one to a pot and cover the pot with multipurpose compost or put three or four together in a box or container, one of the best types of container for this is, go to the supermarket and pick up one of the
blue plastic boxes that you see mushrooms sold in at the grocery section they are normally given away).
Box them up the same way, and don't forget to tie a label around each dahlia with the name on as once you have dug them up, all the tubers look the same. I would recommend that you dig them up know to check to make sure that
they have not gone rotten in the ground, and if they are OK pot them up into
pot or boxes bring them into the greenhouse, if no greenhouse someware it is warmer for them to start to shoot.
I live in the North of England about 20 miles from the Lake District and I can not plant out my dahlias as plants, until the first week in June as we
sometimes get a frost.
I could plants tubers without shoots on at the beginning of May.
If you live in the South of England you could plant two week earlier than me.
Dear Jack
Thank you this is very helpful, I will do as you suggested.
I do not have a whole lot of dahlias, but would like to try with the ones I have.
Kind regards