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My Old Job


This is the back of the buildings that's been Jack's place of work, for more years than he'd care to admit, I assume the tumbling waters used to power the machinery at one time. Jack is an electrician by trade, or Sparks as we used to call `em in the building trade. What a fantastic setting , imagine working here, mind you I bet it's a bit bleak in a Cumbria winter, especially when everyone's gone home barring you. Jack's has to be there on his own sometimes, most times that's the only way they can get the work done, when the machinery stops. When everyone enjoying their holidays ol' Jack's slaving away.


Hang on Jack, where d`you think your going? That water looks a bit menacing, no good grabbing that branch, that won't save you.


Oh my God he's actually standing on the edge of the bank with the other foot on that bit of slippery drift wood.


I'm not looking, I don't know what I'm gonna tell Josie, if you disappear without trace. Seriously isn't this a belting place, tell you what if we put a half a dozen eel lines across this spot, by morning we'd have a bucket full. Stewed eels, mashed potatoes, parsley sauce, and plenty of vinegar. That'd put lead in your pencil, well not mine, not now.

Thanks for sharing these shots with us mate, keep `em coming, people want to know about Jack Gott, were he works for the day job,  the village, the coast, the pub. Anything you want to shoot Jack, I'll put it on Jack's Patch your customers are interested.